Trader Joes Coming To Nyack Area

Dated: 06/05/2014

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It might just be another rumor about Trader Joe's coming to The Hub Shopping Center in Central Nyack, however, if it is true, now is a good time to tell Trader Joe's that we want them in our community.  Word is spreading on Facebook that Trader Joe's is looking into the large space where Stop and Shop was, and that they are asking people in the area if they would shop there.  It kind of sounds like a rumor, but just in case it isn't, I wanted to let people know that you can go to their website and send them a message.  

Go to and tell them how much you like them and how they would be a perfect fit for that area.  With the Old World Market and Shoprite nearby, Trader Joe's would be a perfect in-between place to shop for those great unique, natural and organic products they offer.  
When you do a search of Trader Joe's in our area, they list around twenty locations....but they're all in New Jersey or across the river.  It's time for the Nyack area to get our own Trader Joe's.
So go on their site and send them a friendly message that they should move to our wonderful community. 
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