Pacific Salmon And Trout Spawn In New York

Dated: 10/07/2013

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We all have seen the pictures of salmon making their way up rapid filled streams in coastal Alaska or British Columbia to complete the circle of life as they spawn then die. Nature feasts on this bounty as gigantic Grizzly bears and majestic Bald Eagles fatten up for the long winter ahead. Man has also benefitted from this easy source of protein since the first wanders crossed the Bering Land Bridge from Asia some 20,000 years ago. Not as well known, are the giant Rainbow trout, called steelhead, which follow the salmon from the ocean, to feast on their eggs. The Steelhead also spawns, but, unlike the salmon, they return to the ocean, some completing 4-5 spawning runs in their lifetime. There are 5 species of salmon found in the Pacific Northwest. There is also a species of Atlantic salmon that; like the steelhead, spawns but then returns to salt water.
Since the late 1960’s through today, New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation has stocked two species of Pacific Salmon, as well as steelhead into Lake Ontario. The Salmon treat this enormous lake just like an ocean. The feeder streams and Rivers all around Lake Ontario have huge salmon runs that start in August and end around Halloween. They are closely followed by the ravenous steelheads, which stay in the Rivers until spring, then spawn and return to the lake.
This all translates to tremendous angling opportunities. Only 4 hours drive from Nyack, this world class fishing is second to none.  

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