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Dry January is a phenomenon that is sweeping the world. It was started in 2013 in Great Britain by the charity Alcohol Concern. British celebrities Alastair Campbell and Peter Osborne decided to forgo alcoholic beverages for the 31 days of January. In 2014 over 4000 people joined their cause. Today the idea has spread across the globe and millions of people participate. There are numerous health benefits I will outline below, but there is also the mental benefit of just knowing you can do it. I was truly amazed at how many of my friends and colleges were giving up their nightly glass of wine for the month.

So what can you expect dry January to do for you?

Your general health may improve. Alcohol is implicated in numerous health related issues including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even cancer. Certainly time off can only be good for your liver, as alcohol related liver disease causes about 50% of all liver related deaths in the world.

You get to see and feel how your body is without booze. This could be a great time to hit the reset button and spend more time exercising.

You will sleep better and longer. While a nightly cocktail may help you fall asleep it prevents you from getting GOOD sleep and often causes you to wake up early.

You certainly have a great chance to lose some weight as long as you don’t replace the alcohol calories with dessert.

Let’s face it,  there is NO down side to dry January and there very well may be numerous physical and emotional pluses. Give it a try!!Image title

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