Trick or Treat in Nyack

Dated: 11/07/2011

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Saturday October 29th, 2011. We were all treated' to a fierce and relatively unexpected snow storm. Well- at least unexpected by me! All of the news stations and various media were hyping up the storm and so, as usual, I didn't take the storm as seriously as i should have. Mother Nature (who by nature is, of course, female) exercised her wonderful womanly prerogotive and tricked me at least- for sure!

It was not a light and delicate dusting of confectioners sugar which blanketed our village. No, it was a heavy dreadful sodden mess which snarled traffic on all of the roadways as cars and trucks slipped and slided to their various destinations elsewhere.

I am glad that I live in the Village of Nyack and so can walk to just about any store or restaurant that my heart desires- even in such inclement weather. I unearthed my winter coat, hat and gloves from the cedar chest, put on my hip waders and my duck boots and watched the spectacle unfold.

At the intersection of Broadway and Main, shivering with cold and starving to boot, I ducked into Born of Earth for the most delicious, nutritious and warming cup of organic soup I have ever had! It gave me the energy I needed to shovel the sidewalk so that the villagers trundling along could more safely and easily navigate during this early wild winter white out. 

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