Real Estate Shenanigans in Nyack

Dated: 03/16/2013

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Sometimes you just have to shake your head. I'm going to get on my "soap box" here for a minute. 

As in any field, there are some people who give everyone a bad reputation. Realtors are no exception. Don't people realize how silly they sound when they lie? And some of them lie unabashedly. It is amazing to me because I've never wanted to expend the energy required to keep a lie going.  

Here's what happened: one of my listings (the house of a close friend) in Nyack expired at midnight last night. The owner called me at 10:00 this morning laughing because she had already had 5 or 6  calls from Realtors who "have a buyer" for her house.

On the surface this sounds great, right? But not a single one of these Realtors had ever seen the house - they didn't attend either of the Broker's Open Houses or any of the public Open Houses. They also hadn't brought anyone through the house.  Her question to them was: if they have a buyer, why didn't they call yesterday to schedule a time to show it?   She knows that in reality, now that the listing has expired, they think they might get a shot at getting the listing.

My friend and I had a good laugh at the expense of the Realtors who, sight unseen, suddenly have a buyer for the properrty and then she told me how awful it must be to have to deal with such liars every day. (Her words, not mine.)  

There are a large numbere of Realtors out there who do NOT fall into this category - they are forthright, honest, diligent, and work very hard each and every day. Unfortunately, those few who tell big "whoppers" cause the rest of us to have to work that much harder to overcome the reputation. 

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