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Dated: 10/09/2011

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Good morning everybody!  How are you today?

Just wanted to let you know that the hysteria that has become Occupy Wall St. or as my Tweeps know #OccupyWallSt will be hitting the streets of Nyack starting at Memorial Park sometime in the afternoon.

I encourage people to question the true motives of these citizens, ask them, If the government or whoever you want, gives you what you want, when you want, what will you do the next day with your life?  

I am all for the American spirit of voicing your views and opinions so I appreciate what these folks are doing across the country, forget about Nyack...

So, in the spirit of voicing opinion, let me state that these Occupiers should look within themselves to find the solutions to their most profound questions.  In other words, I can't relate to Occupy Wall St. people at all, being that as a Realtor, what other industry has been hit as hard as the housing market? What has the fed done for the hundreds of thousands of Realtors across the country?  The answer is, it doesn’t matter, why, you ask?

Any successful small business owner, which is what Realtors are, knows that it takes much more than smarts and money to be good at what you do.  It takes persistence, stick-to-it-iveness and tremendous resolve and we cannot rely on anybody else to do the hard work it takes to stick around in this business.  If we as Realtors, have made it through the worst of times than imagine what we can accomplish in the years to come.

Remember, when you see the Occupy Nyack protest taking place today, tell them people to head over to the Street Fair and enjoy life for one day more then think about their plan to find answers to all life’s questions.

Until next time....

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Mary Lovera

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  • Posted by noussaforme
    Gee, you guy's almost sound like you think people should be responsible for themselves...how un- socialistic you are - remember they are ENTITLED. :)
  • Posted by Harbors Broker
    No, your on this site Trolling, hey tell your puppet master Goerge Soros that you need new strings.
  • Posted by Robert Timm
    Why on earth would I be on this site other than being in the market for a home? That makes no sense. You can post as many segmented clips as you like with dumb idea, people and signs from OWS or the Tea party. But that's just evading the issue. And most of the 99% have never even heard of Soros, unlike the treasonous Koch family which has openly and brazenly called for and funded the undoing of American values. I'm done here, just still baffled that anyone working in real estate could possible not be angry with the banking system, unless they just choose to shut their minds to anything but talking points from Faux News. Cancel your cable, get out in the street and see what;s really happening.
  • Posted by Harbors Broker
    I'm not an angry person, I'm a loving person who is grateful to be alive and healthy with a beautiful family that includes my Holocaust surviving grandparents, 93 & 87 respectfully...So many things to be thankful for I don't let my mind wander to the other side b/c it leads to negative thoughts, I like optimism and positive attitudes. I respect your opinion, you are not a puppet and yes that is a talking point so sorry for that. I hardly go out anymore with the baby and all so I don't see how I'm going to a rally, would rather go see live music or something chill. You have to admit those videos on Youtube are entertaining to say the least. I would never cancel my cable btw b/c I can't download or stream live sports or news channels on the web otherwise I would consider it, I pay $425 to Verizon every month. I can respectfully agree to disagree with you and hope that this revolution comes out with something that will make you happy b/c that would make us happy.

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