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Dated: June 8 2016

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So, as someone cut in front of me in West Nyack, nearly clipping my bumper for the 3rd time in one day, I have started to ask myself when drivers became so impatient, so oblivious to their surroundings and to other cars that they are sharing the road with.  

Thankfully, I was trained and re-trained every other year, on a system of safe driving so that the lunatics who seem to be far too prevalent these days, don't involve you in their crazy antics behind the wheel. Here are the 5 rules that I have always appreciated for the fact that they have helped me safely get wherever I need to go.

1. Aim High While Steering -- the farther down the road you look and aim, the more likely you are to avoid drifting into another lane. Pick a spot in the distance that is centered in your lane and aim for that. Of course, you have to keep moving the point you are gauging your location on. Try to look 25-30 seconds down the road to be sure you are aiming high.

2. Get the Big Picture -- see what is impacting the traffic around you. Lane closures, entrances, exits, traffic lights, etc. Take it all in and understand what may be coming your way or impacting your travels.

3. Keep Your Eyes Moving -- it is so easy to become transfixed and only look ahead, but what is on the sides and behind you are just as important to arriving at your destination safely and in relative serenity. You should check your mirrors (all 3 of them) and the view in front of you once every 5 seconds. And, speaking of mirrors . . . are yours set so that you can see in the "blind spots" along the side of your car? Most people set their side mirrors to see the side of their car. Really? You need to see where the side of your car is? Not! You need to see what is along the sides of your car, in the blind spot. SO, place your cheek on the driver's window and set the driver side mirror so that it is barely looking at the side of the car. Then lean into the center of the front seat area and set the passenger side mirror so that you can barely see that side of the car. Now, your mirrors are set so that you can see what is in the "blind spots" that formerly existed. 

4. Leave Yourself an Out -- like the Scouts, this translates to "always be prepared." Know where you would go if someone drove straight at you. Or if someone came barreling in from a side street, or if someone cuts in front of you and nearly clips the front end of your car. Also, stay 2 seconds behind the car in front of you. There is no need to smell the exhaust fumes coming from the car in front of you! 

5. Make Sure Others See You -- these days, most new cars have daytime running lights that come one when the car is turned on. If your car doesn't have this feature, you should consider turning on your headlights for daytime trips. Also, if someone is fading into your lane or coming too fast  or too close, giving a "polite" tap on the horn will help them to know that you are there. 

We used to have a catch phrase for these rules: Drive the 5, Arrive Alive. These 5 rules have helped me many times over the years and I still practice this form of safe driving. Hope you found this helpful. 

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