Refuse Standardized Tests

Dated: 03/15/2015

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My children will not participate in New York State standardized tests that are designed to manufacture failure.  Tests that have cut scores that are set by Pearson, the testing manufacturer.  Tests that are known to be extremely flawed, uninformative, developmentally inappropriate and that are being used to collect huge amounts of data.  Passages on last year’s ELA exams were found to be two to three years above grade level.  This is a cruel set up for failure for all children, but even more cruel for students with disabilities.  I don’t want Pearson spying on children’s social media to protect the  integrity of their flawed exams. This is particularly disturbing. I don’t want my kids to continue to lose valuable, creative and meaningful instuctional time in their classrooms.   New York ELA Researsal Workbooks that are aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards are not one of the workbooks kids should be using in class. This is not  teaching children anything.  These drone assignments are teaching students how to be good test takers.  This is not OK.  It’s not OK that the first page in the book is all about test taking strategies.  Children are entitled to a consistently well rounded education that includes all subjects, not excessive Math and ELA.   

I am truly appalled at what is happening in New York State.  Governor Cuomo is not listening to the onging public outcry regarding reliance on high stakes testing.  It’s all wrong.  His proposals are extremely concerning and they really miss the mark.  The proposals will only further increase teaching to the test, they will widen the gap even more among districts, they will continue to reduce creative learning in classrooms across the state.  I’m offended by the way children are being used as a score.  I’m offended that this is clearly politics before children.  We will not be part of the problem. We will not contribute to the problem.  We will practice disobedience again and refuse the tests.  In the words of Carol Burris, “Stand up. Stop being afraid.  Kids lives hang in the balance”.  Our children and parents are not failing.  Our teachers are not failing.  Our schools are not failing.  The Governor is failing.  He is failing the children.  The Common Core standardized tests are a failure and so is the unproven Common Core curriculum that goes with it.  It’s NOT OK.Image title

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